Humanitarian and Refugee Visa

At Tang Law we are providing migration assistance for Australians with have family members in Afghanistan. Our Partner, Ms Sophie Manera has a strong focus in humanitarian visa cases and she feels strongly that Refugees deserve a change for a better life in Australia.

As the situation in Afghanistan has escalated quickly. We understand the urgency. With a strong team of Migration Lawyers we are able to address every concern. If you are seeking assistance in relation to family members or friends in Afghanistan, Call us now or complete the contract form

As the situation is changing everyday, below are;


Common Questions


  1.  What policy is in place for Afghanistan right now?

Locally Engaged Employees (LEEs) who have supported the Australia mission in Afghanistan are considered high priority and those who have connections to LEEs will also be considered priority for the Humanitarian Program. Immediate and extended family members are included

Additional places of 3000 humanitarian visas have been added for the resettlement of Afghan Refugees


2. How do we handle humanitarian cases?

Our Migration Division Partner, Ms Sophie Manera, is one of the leading Migration Lawyers in Australia. She has vast experience in humanitarian visa cases and assisting Australia refugee. Ms Manera is very knowledgeable and technically strong, for this reasons, she is a regular presenter at seminars that trains migration consultants.

With limited quota of humanitarian visa for Australia refugee, you must be able to stand out amongst thousands of other applicants. Our Migration Lawyers are able to increase your chance of success.

You must act quickly to avoid missing out on the quota.

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