Traffic Offence

At Tang Law, our criminal lawyers are experienced in dealing with a variety of cases, including traffic charges such as driving under influences (DUI), reckless driving, speeding and etc. Our highly qualified team of experienced criminal defense lawyers provide legal representation and advice in all courts around Perth and throughout regional Western Australia.

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    Dangerous Driving and Speeding

    The penalties for driving in a Reckless Manner or at Reckless Speed are contained in the Road Traffic Act 1974 (WA) and vary depending on the situation. In all circumstances however, an offender charged under these sections of the Road Traffic Act is liable to serve a potential term of imprisonment and will lose their license for at least 6 months.

    Driving without License

    Depending on the circumstance in which an unlicensed driver is caught, the penalties vary, however, for subsequent offences the penalties of section 49 of the Road Traffic Act can often include up to a 3 year ban from driving, a fine of $4,000 or 18 months imprisonment.

    Driving under Influences (DUI)

    There are a range of penalties that the court might impose for a drink or drug driving offence. The exact penalty will depend on the type of offence, the blood alcohol reading, and whether or not you have prior convictions for drink or drug driving.

    Extraordinary Drivers

    An extraordinary driver’s license is granted at the discretion of the court. It allows someone who has been disqualified from driving by the court to drive in certain circumstances.

    An application for an order for an extraordinary license cannot be made while subject to:

    • An immediate disqualification notice for an alcohol offence.
    • A disqualification period related to service of a demerit point notice.
    • A license suspension order imposed by the Department of Justice’s Fines Enforcement Registry.
    • A disqualification period imposed by a Court in another state or territory.
    • The CEO refusing to grant, cancelling or suspending your driver’s license, unless you are subject to another eligible disqualification.

    What can you expect from an experienced traffic lawyer?

    An effective and experience traffic lawyer will:

    1. Always, fully examine your situation (including all material facts giving rise to and circumstances surrounding the charge;
    2. Determine the likely and realistic consequences the charge will have on you;
    3. Understand your personal circumstance and provide you with effective options on defending you or mitigating your situation;
    4. Undertake effective communication and negotiation with Police Prosecution;
    5. Obtain useful character references; and
    6. All importantly, professional and effective representation in court to defend you and present your best possible case