Practical Legal Training (PLT)

Duration: 75 days or 25 days

We offer PLT programs to the right candidates who are ambitious, hardworking, ready and prepared to gain practical experience whilst completing their legal studies.

During the placement with us, you are likely to gain exposure to:

    • Different areas of law;
    • Drafting, filing and service of court documents;
    • Court attendance;
    • Client interviews;
    • Legal research; and
    • General support to solicitors.



Duration: Ongoing

Similar to our PLT programs, we offer clerkships for the right candidates, primarily law students who are passionate, curious and open to learning about different areas of law and the legal profession.

You are likely to gain exposure to our main areas of practice, including:

    • Commercial Law
    • Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution
    • Family Law
    • Criminal Law
    • Estates & Succession Law
    • Property Law & Settlements
    • Migration Law
    • Employment Law
    • Injury & Compensation Law


If you wish to discuss an opportunity in further detail, you may contact us at (08) 9328 7525.

Should you wish to apply for a position, please send us a complete CV and an Expression of Interest via email [email protected].

All discussions and application processes will be conducted in confidence.