Possession of Money Believed to be from an Illegal Source

If you are facing a charge for the possession of illegal drugs (even a very small amount), then it is a common situation that police may believe that any cash found in your possession has come from selling drugs.

Compensation for Victims of Crime

If you are injured or suffer any other kind of loss due to a crime being committed by someone else, then you may be able to claim compensation. This is also true for the families of an individual that is killed during the commission of a crime, in order to cover the expenses that they suffer after the loss of a loved one.

Extraordinary Driver’s Licenses for Work Purposes

If you have been banned from driving by an order of the court, whether it be for drink driving, speeding or another driving offence, you may be eligible to apply to get your license back so that you can drive for certain purposes (an ‘Extraordinary License’).

Case Study : Criminal Charges for “Indecent Dealing”

This is a real case that happened recently. B was charged with 2 counts of ‘Indecently Dealing’ with a young, teenage girl whom he had met on the internet, pursuant to section 321(4) of the Criminal Code (WA).

More Visa Options for Tourism and Hospitality Workers

Due to Australia’s current international border closure hospitality and tourism businesses, who usually rely heavily on temporary workers such as working holiday makers, have struggled to find workers to fill positions.
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