Migration Law

At Tang Law, our experienced migration lawyers and registered migration consultants deal exclusively in Australian Migration Law. We are registered with the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and adhere to the Code of Conduct for registered migration agents as set out in legislation to regulate the conduct of registered migration agents. We are also a member of Migration Alliance Australia, a not-for-profit representative body that promotes the fair practise of Migration Law.

Australian Immigration law is highly complex and yet delicate in that a minor mistake or mere oversight can lead to your case being unsuccessful. Moreover, our Migration Law is constantly changing with new rules introduced regularly. Nonetheless, Australia is one of the most popular (and also most welcoming) countries for new migrants.

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    Our Migration Law Practice covers:

    • Application for Australia Visas
    • Application for Australian Citizenship
    • Appeals and Reviews of decisions relating to Visa Cancellation and Refusal
    • Appeals and Reviews of decision relating to Australian Citizenship Refusal
    • Criminal Deportation
    • Migration Compliance and Application Support Services

    For clients that seek advice on migrating to Australia, we have the qualifications and expertise to inform you about your best options. We handle visa category applications including:

    So you may ask, why live in Australia?

    Here are some reasons why Australia is a popular migration destination:

    • We have a comprehensive education system and easy access to education for all ages. Public schools in Australia provide free education to citizens and permanent residents.   For parents wanting excellent education (at very low cost) for their children, Australia is great.
    • Australia has a very complete welfare system. For instance, citizens and permanent residents receive large medicare benefits and have access to free medical services.
    • Australia has a multicultural policy that embraces shared values and cultural traditions.
    • Other reasons include Australia’s focus on giving equal opportunity and protecting human rights, we have laws against anti-discrimination, and fair work legislation that protects employees and promotes stability in employment.

    This is why Australia ranked No. 2 in the world in 2016 as most liveable country according to the United Nations.

    Why invest in Australia?

    There are at least 3 reasons why people like investing in Australia:

    • Stable political and legal environment. Australia ranked top 10 (no. 9) in the world as most stable country according to its defence, economy and system power.  A complete and perfect system of a country makes it stable.
    • Our strong privacy laws and our respect for privacy. We give due respect to individuals personal information.
    • Australian dollar has dropped and is substantially cheaper compared to its peak in 2013. Australian dollar was higher than the US dollar during its peak.  This makes assets in Australia substantially cheaper for foreign investor to acquire.