Extraordinary Driver’s Licenses for Work Purposes

If you have been banned from driving by an order of the court, whether it be for drink driving, speeding or another driving offence, you may be eligible to apply to get your license back so that you can drive for certain purposes (an ‘Extraordinary License’).

Applying for an Extraordinary License is quite a complex procedure that involves supplying documents and evidence to the court so that it can be proven that you should be allowed to drive, despite the driving ban that is in effect.

With the large amount of traffic offences that are committed in WA, the courts do not take Extraordinary License applications lightly, and do not grant the applicant an Extraordinary License in many situations. If you need a license to be able to continue working however, you may have a good reason to apply, and this is something that Tang Law has had a lot of success with.

Extraordinary Driver’s License applications cannot be made if you:

  • Have a roadside ban (waiting to go to court);
  • Are currently under a fines suspension; or
  • Have lost your license due to demerit points.

The Process

There are a lot of things to consider when drafting an Extraordinary License application and the team at Tang Law can help to streamline this process, with our experienced lawyers ready explain what needs to be proven in your application and help to give you the best possible chance at getting your Extraordinary License.

After all the paperwork is drafted correctly and filed with the court, the Department of Transport will decide whether they think it is in the community’s best interests to grant your Extraordinary License. The key to getting the Department onside is to draft the application paperwork well!

A court hearing will then be needed, at which point a good lawyer can streamline the process and present your matter to the court in the best way possible.

Getting started

Call Tang Law on 9328 7525 to book your initial appointment with one of our lawyers and we can give you expert advice on the merits of your potential application. We can then provide an estimate of legal costs to draft your application, get your supporting documents, file with the court, contact the Department of Transport and appear with you at the court hearing.

If you need to get your license back in order to keep your job then call us, and we’ll help to get you back on the road!

About Writer

Adam Ward was admitted into the legal profession in the Supreme Court of Western Australia in 2015 and joined Tang Law in May 2019. Mr. Ward is an experienced Criminal and Traffic Lawyer with extensive experience in representing clients in Courts on all issues relating to Traffic Law, Criminal Law, and Criminal Injury Compensation.

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