Why should asylum seekers seek expert legal advice?

How important is it for asylum seekers to seek expert legal advice and representation?


According to an article published in The Conversation*, asylum seekers with legal representation are seven times more likely to succeed before the government tribunal tasked with reviewing refugee cases than those who represent themselves.


The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (“AAT”) considers applications for review of decisions by the Department of Home Affairs to refuse Protection visas. This is a second chance, where applicants have the opportunity to put further documents and information before the AAT member. This is often the last chance that asylum seekers have to ensure their claims for protection are adequately articulated before the AAT. These are cases of life and death.


While correlation is not causation, these are certainly interesting statistics.


As such, we strongly encourage asylum seekers to seek professional legal advice, to ensure the best possible case is put forward. The lawyers at Tang Law have substantial experience with Protection visa applications. Please do not hesitate to give us a call today on (08) 9328 7525 if you would like to know more.


*How refugees succeed in visa reviews: new research reveals the factors that matter (theconversation.com)