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Civil Litigation

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It is important to understand that not every civil dispute has to end up in court proceedings however, which can be both lengthy and costly. At Tang Law, our litigation lawyers draw on their wealth of knowledge and experience to provide all clients with strategies for achieving the best possible outcome in a timely and cost effective manner, while maintaining a strong work ethic. Our practice lawyers represent parties in trials, arbitration and mediation before administrative agencies, foreign tribunals, and federal, state, and local courts. We are always fully transparent and upfront with our clients about costs, which extends to providing realistic cost estimates.

What is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation is the process of resolving disputes between different parties. Civil disputes can arise from many situations, from a disagreement involving custody rights, or a breach in company contract. A lawyer who specializes in civil litigation is known as a litigator or trial lawyer.

And, how about Dispute Resolution?

Dispute resolution is the process by which disputes are brought to an end. This can occur through:

  • a negotiated outcome, where the parties involved sort out things by themselves
  • a mediated outcome, where the parties use an independent mediator to help them arrive at their own agreement and outcome, or
  • an adjudicated or arbitrated outcome, where an independent arbitrator or court determines how to resolve the dispute and makes a binding decision or order that parties need to adhere to.


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Magistrates Court – Civil Matters

The Magistrates Court of Western Australia deals with civil matters that involve claims for up to $75,000.

Even if your claim may be more than $75,000, you can still choose to commence legal action in the Magistrates Court of Western Australia.  However, any amount over and above $75,000 cannot be awarded.  For example, if your debt recovery claim is for $100,000, the Magistrates Court can only award the claim for up to $75,000 and the balance $25,000 is waived.

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We found Tang Law very approachable and understanding. They have consistently provided outstanding and professional services. We have no hesitation in recommending such an excellent firm.

Sandra and Bernadette November 25, 2015


Rest assured, you will be able to entrust your case with us – from strategic planning, the issue of demands and notices, commencement of legal proceedings, representation and negotiation and resolution of disputes.

Our experienced team of multicultural and multi-talented lawyers are fluent in English as well as a variety of other languages, including Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien), Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), Malaysian (Bahasa Malaysia) and several other dialects. Tang Law is one of Perth’s most famous law firms that is fluent in the use of Chinese language communication. In the past 15 years, Tang Law has provided high quality services to many local enterprises and individuals. We will make sure that we give you a satisfactory experience with our legal counsel.


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You will be able to entrust your case, however complex, with us -
from strategic planning, the issue of demands and notices, commencement of legal proceedings, representation and negotiation and resolution of disputes.

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