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A range of traffic fines, as well as lengthy licence disqualification can result in many traffic offences and violations. You can be charged for traffic offences but that does not mean that you are in the wrong position, and you may be able to appeal your case and avoid any penalties.

At Tang Law, our traffic offence lawyers can represent you in any traffic violation in Perth and surrounding areas. We will look at every detail of your case and advice whether a defence is possible in your case or not, and the strategies we will employ to achieve a positive outcome to your case.

We have the qualifications and experience to advise you about your best options. Our experienced lawyers can assist you with the following traffic offences:

  • Careless Driving – If you drive a motor vehicle carelessly without the required attention, then it is considered to be a criminal offense according to the law. The charges implemented on you would be depend on the amount of damages or the number of laws broken by you as a result of your careless driving.
  • Dangerous Driving – Dangerous driving can cause a driver some serious troubles including disqualification for several years accompanied with large fines and loss of driving license (temporary or lifetime). If an individual tries to escape the law and get caught after, it will lead them to imprisonment without even negotiation. Dangerous driving which results in injury or death carries an even graver penalty and will require legal assistance to defend from.
  • Demerit Points – Provisional drivers can accrue a maximum of 8 demerit points while experienced drivers of more than 2 years can accrue a maximum of 13 demerit points before they get their license suspended and be disqualified from driving. Traffic offences can be disputed and if successful, the driver will have the demerit points lifted off his license.
  • Drug and Drink Driving – An individual is not permitted to drive while an illicit drug is present in the individual’s body, or if they have alcohol levels above the limit prescribed by the Road Traffic Act. Our lawyers can examine the situation and circumstances of your charge and craft a defense to help lessen your penalty or drop the charge completely.
  • Non-Payment of Fines – If you have accrued unpaid fines, it can result in a license suspension or even an arrest. You need to settle your fines with the Registrar as soon as you get a notice of non-payment of fines.

Choose a Reliable and Experienced Traffic Lawyer to Defend Your Case

At Tang Law, our lawyers understand that one of the most vital privileges of an individual is maintaining a legal and current driving licence, which can be a requirement of their family, community and job. Our reliable traffic lawyers will create a defense strategy to save the driving licence of our clients. Our team of lawyers are professional, experienced and highly qualified in the field of traffic offence and penalities, and deliver positive outcomes.


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