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Our migration lawyers are able to bring forth sound advice to you on numerous Australian visa categories and benefit you with our reasonable rates. They will identify you visa needs, assess your visa options and lodge an application for the most suitable visa for hassle-free migration and follow through till the outcome. For complex cases we undertake detailed research to make migration possible for our clients.

Australian Immigration law is highly complex and yet delicate in that a minor mistake or mere oversight can lead to your case being unsuccessful. Moreover, our Migration Law is constantly changing with new rules introduced regularly. Nonetheless, Australia is one of the most popular (and also most welcoming) countries for new migrants.

We offer the following legal services:

Appealing a Visa Cancellation or Visa Refusal

Various reasons contribute to the cancellation of your substantive visa such as breach of visa conditions, job termination in subject to employer sponsored visa, end of relationship in case of partner visa and many more. For any particular visa if you provide incorrect information or the Department of Home Affairs finds that the information provided is not genuine (false or misleading) than they held the complete rights to cancel or refuse your visa.

Business & Investment Visas

Applying for a business visa gives you a permanent residency status straight away, it’s the quickest way to get permanent residency. There are two streams, Significant Business History Stream and Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream. You must to demonstrate that you have a genuine intention of investing and engaging in a business activity in Western Australia. Meanwhile, investor visas are most suitable for clients that are willing to invest in state government bonds and/or Australian based managed funds in order to retain control of their own business outside of Australia. These two types of visas require a significant number of financial and legal conditions, so it is best that you seek the help of an experienced migration lawyer to assist you on your application.

Application for Partner Visa

The Partner Visa lets an Australian citizen’s or Australian permanent resident’s partner or spouse to live in Australia. Even the spouse or partner of an eligible citizen of New Zealand can lawfully stay in the country with this visa. The Partner Visa Australia can be a permanent or a temporary one, depending on the need, purpose or reason of stay in this country. Conditions, fees and eligibility vary too, according to the type of Partner Visa being obtained. For one who has an Australian partner, it is essential that you know which kind of visa you will need. If you wish to join your partner in Australia, partner visas are for you. You must also be at least 18 years old and meet health and character requirements.

We also assist in the following areas:

  • Application for Visitor Visa
  • Application for Temporary Work Visa
  • Application for Skilled Work Visa
  • Application for Employer-Sponsored Visa
  • Criminal Deportation
  • Application for Refugee and Humanitarian Visa

Our Immigration Lawyers Can Help You Take Control Of Your Legal Outcome

A migration lawyer can assist you with the visa application process anywhere in Australia. A visa lawyer can guide you through the legal formalities of applying for any kind of visa, be it for professional or personal reasons. Allow our experienced team of Australian migration lawyers to help you with your work visa, student visa, permanent visa, among others; as the situation demands.

For more information about any legal service, feel free to contact us anytime. Contact our team of experienced lawyers for legal advice, at the mentioned contact number or email address.

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