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Our trusted family lawyers are able to provide services to our clients in all areas of family law including child custody, maintenance and child support, and property settlement. Our family lawyers offer legal advice and representation to the clients in their family law issues and in the area of child protection.

We are well experienced and highly regarded in the field of family law and aim to provide meaningful and effective solutions to our clients. Our team believes in providing personalised and excellent service to all our clients.

We offer the following legal services:

Property Settlement Lawyer

One needs a property settlement agreement when in case of separation in the married or de facto relationship, one needs to settle property and financial matters with the partner. It is always advisable to get an expert legal advice before the agreement so that you know your rights. Our team of lawyers can advise you about your rights by going through your’s and your partner’s assets and can place you in the best possible situation to negotiate. If your partner is not ready for cooperation then also we can work together and can come up with a formalized agreement.

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance cases are highly sensitive ones and demand great care and expertise while undertaking them. Spousal maintenance can be claimed by your former spouse under several situations subject to judgment by the court.

Domestic Violence

Domestic and family violence is not only physical abuse, it also includes emotional abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse verbal abuse, and/or economic abuse. Threatening or coercive acts or behaviour used to manipulate or control a family member is also called domestic violence. When a child gets exposed to this kind of situation, the child also suffers family violence.

We also assist in the following areas:

  • Adoption Cases
  • Child Custody
  • De Facto Couple Rights
  • Financial Agreement
  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Mediation Lawyers
  • Restraining Orders
  • Superannuation Split

Our Family Lawyers Can Help You Take Control Of Your Legal Outcome

Our family lawyers are highly committed towards each case and pay great attention to details, which has led them to many successful and positive results. We believe when we are given the responsibility of our client, and they trust us, our customer’s security and safety is always our first concern. Contact our experienced lawyers for legal advice, at the mentioned contact number or email address.

For more information about any legal service, feel free to contact us anytime. Contact our team of experienced lawyers for legal advice, at the mentioned contact number or email address.

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