A Smarter Approach by Reliable Criminal Defence Lawyers in Perth

Our highly-qualified team of experienced criminal defence lawyers based in Perth provide legal representation and advice in all Western Australian Courts. Achieving the best possible results for our clients is a responsibility we take very seriously. Everything we have achieved today is a direct outcome of our smart, strategic and customized approach to every case, which is only possible when every lawsuit is founded on our client’s expectations.

Our dedicated team of criminal defence lawyers at Tang Law pay attention to the finer details of every case. Advising you on the most effectual legal pathway you should follow to take your case to its best possible conclusion. Armed with extensive courtroom experience, our unique legal approach is the reason why our clients repeatedly come back, for all kinds of criminal cases.

We offer the following legal services:

Criminal Trial

In a criminal trial, a jury has to examine the available evidence to reach a conclusion beyond a reasonable doubt. A trial is primarily considered to be the prosecution’s chance at obtaining a guilty verdict for the defendant. It also presents the defence with an opportunity to counter the prosecution and prove them wrong on all charges. After hearing both sides of the argument, the jury will reach a final decision after careful thought and consideration.

Possession of Firearms

When you seek the qualified services of a weapons and firearms lawyer in Perth, you are in safe hands. You can discuss your case in detail and understand the various consequences. Armed with the perfect advice, you will be able to make a confident stand in court under any circumstances.

Criminal Appeal

A criminal appeal lawyer is an advocate who is adept at handling cases in which a convicted person challenges the ruling of a trial court if he believes he was not granted due justice. Such people may sometimes seek additional relief from the justice system. An appeal is filed in a higher court to reduce the sentence or even overturn the entire conviction. After reviewing and taking into careful consideration all the facts and evidences presented in court, a final decision will be reached.

We also assist in the following areas:

  • Bail Application
  • Arson & Destruction of Public Property
  • Public Order & Safety
  • Robbery
  • Sexual Assault
  • Burglary
  • Computer Crimes
  • Criminal Damage
  • Dealing with WA Police
  • Fraud
  • Drug-Related Offences

Our Criminal Defence Lawyers Can Help You Achieve A Positive Outcome

Our team of highly trained Criminal Defence Lawyers in Perth, WA has robust negotiation skills and the experience to resolve the issue even before it reaches the court, if possible, when both parties agree to the same. If that’s not possible, court representation will be provided. When we are the legal hub for the most confident, skillful and accomplished lawyers in town, why risk your luck anywhere else? Place your trust in the legal professionals in town. Unquestionably, the best Criminal Defence Lawyers in Perth, WA. We will help you find the best possible outcome in every situation.

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