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Fighting civil cases is not as simple as it seems, but the process becomes smooth and hassle-free if you choose the right kind of civil lawyer. We strive for excellence in our services and enhance our client’s experience by providing ongoing personal support and guidance during the course of the dispute. Moreover, we ensure that we deliver the positive experience throughout the process without having to face any potential conflict of interest. Our civil litigation and dispute resolution lawyers ensures to provide our customers with premium service at a reasonable fee. We are well equipped with the skillful and well-experienced team of lawyers.

We provide the following services to our clients:

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Commencing legal actions in Court is often expensive and time consuming, however, not every dispute needs to be litigated through the legal system. We take commercial and strategic approach to dispute resolution. At Tang Law, our experienced dispute resolution lawyers are equipped with not only the requisite legal advocacy skills but also sophisticated interpersonal skills and negotiation techniques that will enable our clients to resolve a dispute without incurring unnecessary or avoidable expenses.

Civil Litigation

Inevitably, there are situations in which a dispute cannot be resolved amicably and legal actions have to be commenced. When this situation arises, our lawyers will utilise their legal skills and experience in representing our clients in the relevant Courts. We focus on providing advice and strategies that are commercially viable.  Incurring substantial amount of legal fees and spending enormous of time engaging in legal proceedings are the last resort and will not be taken lightly unless it makes commercial sense. With our team of experienced civil litigators, we help our clients resolve or litigate disputes.

General Procedure Claim (Magistrates Court)

An action in the Magistrates Court is commenced by way of a General Procedure Claim. You are required to provide the grounds of your claim, for up to $75,000. You must be able to demonstrate to the Court that legally you have a cause of action against the defendant. Tang Law can also assist you in defending against a claim within 14 days if you are within Western Australia or within 21 days if you are outside Western Australia. We will formulate a clear strategy before responding to a claim.

We also assist in the following areas:

  • Contractual disputes
  • Misleading and deceptive conduct claims
  • Property disputes
  • Building contract disputes
  • Business sale disputes
  • Joint venture, partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Corporate fraud and breach of duties of directors
  • Franchise disputes
  • Lease disputes
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy
  • Enforcement of foreign judgment
  • Injunction and freezing orders applications
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Debt recovery
  • Neighbour disputes
  • Employment contract disputes

Innovative Strategy

We take commercial and strategic approach to dispute resolution.   Achieving our client’s objective is foremost important.   We develop strategies, as well as employing litigation tactics, to achieve these objectives. Equally as important, we work alongside our clients in support of their situation, promptly providing our clients with advice on mitigating risks and strategies on resolving challenges. The more complicated the disputes, the more you will require lawyers who can be innovative in order to provide solutions to the challenges you are encountering. Our strategy is result driven, focusing on effectiveness and practicality.

Our Practice also includes:

Migration Law

We have successfully assisted more than 1690 clients to file their visa applications, to appeal for visa cancellation or refusal and provided business migration support in past 10 years. Our migration law practice covers application for visas and citizenship, appeals for visa cancellation and refusal, criminal deportation reviews and appeals, and migration compliance support services.

Family Law

Tang Law has handled more than 557 Family Law related matters since 2002. We cover a wide range of family law matters including pre-nuptial agreements, separation and divorce matters, child custody and support, and family violence restraining orders and safety.

Commercial Law

We have been providing legal advice and representation to clients regarding their businesses and other commercial law concerns since 2002. Our commercial law practice covers purchase and sale of a business, licensing and franchising agreements, formation and dissolution of partnerships and corporations, and business contracts and general legal advice.

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